Salmon Fishing in Mayo

The saying goes give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and feed him for life! I caught my first salmon in 2001 which was more down to skill of my colleague rather than my fishing prowess but the thrill was all mine. Is there an inane feeling about catching a big fish? is it a primeval instinct surfacing thousands of years later? The famous River Moy has attracted famous and unknown fishermen to its banks. The great Tiger Woods is known to love the fishing there…has he got lucky there we don’t know! The Mount Falcon Estate provides high quality accommodation and fabulous self-catering houses. The fisherman in you will take you straight to the river but the family man will be heading for the wonderful walks or leisure centre. The variety of things to do is great and Mayo oh Mayo is so beautiful. As a tourist County it offers a huge amount and in my humble opinion is not fully appreciated. Whatever about the football for fishing or fun Mayo is hard to beat!

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  1. I tried my hand at fishing about 5 years ago and although I clearly have a lot to learn, it was a really nice day. Had a load of fun but not sure I am up there with those who are able to fish for Salmon yet.

    Great article and about to Tweet to our followers 🙂


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