Self Catering Or Hotel?

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These days I am a big fan of self-catering holidays but to be honest it’s not something I would have thought about a few years ago. Yes, I do still like the odd hotel break; a night or two away with your partner never did anyone any harm!   But what about travelling with a family? Which is the more practical choice?  In my opinion, self catering is the only way to go, and the reasons are endless from simple things such as having drinking water on tap, to the more crucial elements of space and comfort.

As our expectations are rising, so are the standards in self-catering accommodation. You can now get luxury self catering homes, with on-site facilities including hotel, full leisure centre, golf course, spa and seasonal activities such as kids clubs and organised day trips. Many self-catering properties have been built on the grounds of hotels all around the country and in general, while staying in the holiday homes you are treated as a hotel resident and may use the facilities of the hotel (some restrictions may apply at certain locations).

The great thing about having your own holiday home is that you can come and go as you please, eat whenever you like with the facilities of a fully fitted kitchen, you can bring the contents of your kitchen cupboard with you, you have ample room and storage and in many cases a garden for the kids to play in!  Not only this but the children can have their own bedrooms and there is a separate room for them to watch tv in if they are early risers, or for you to watch after they go to bed without disturbing them.

But what about value for money, does it really work out much cheaper to go self catering? The answer is YES!

Family room in a 3* hotel Vs Luxury 2 bedroom Lodge at 5* Fota Island Resort

Now I thought I was going to find it hard to prove this as hotel rates vary dramatically but I am going to give it a bash… I called for availability and rates at a popular 3 star family friendly West Cork hotel for a week (6th to 13th December) in a family room (2 adults and 2 children) and was quoted a “last minute special offer rate” of €165.00 B&B per room per night, that’s an outrageous €1155.00 for the week! I also checked a 2 bedroom lodge at the 5 star Fota Island Resort and was quoted €670.00 for the week (including FREE access to the hotel leisure centre), so working back that’s €95.00 per night, a family saving of €490.00 for the week in favour of self catering.

So my only conclusion is that the two are not really comparable at all! Apart from the obvious reasons, including comforts, space, facilities on hand etc self catering wins hands down for… value for money! Going on the basis of a 7 night stay in a 3 star hotel vs a 7 night stay in a luxury self catering lodge with hotel facilities, a family can save up to €490.00 by opting for self catering!

Dream Ireland has a great selection of more than 3000 self-catering holiday homes, cottages and apartments, (many with hotel facilities onsite) and all within driving distance of well known tourist attractions,, towns and cities.  Our friendly and helpful team will be delighted to assist you in choosing the perfect destination for your next family holiday, so give us a call on +353 64 664 1170 and book today!

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3 Responses to “Self Catering Or Hotel?”

  1. personally I’m a fan of self catering (fussy eater) but I did once stay at a catered place in Cork and the food was great

  2. Lisa Sanders

    I am planning on taking a month in Ireland the first part of 2011. I have been looking at different options and the self catering seems to be the most economical. But what I am really looking for is a small cottage in a small coastal village. Someplace that I can use as a base for day trips, but still have a private place to come “home” to. My other concern is what the requirements are for renting an automobile and driving in Ireland. What do I need to do prior to arrival? Is there somewhere that I can contact to obtain information about the different areas of Ireland and what each area has to offer? I have downloaded a few brochures, but they seem to cater to those that are familiar with Ireland.
    Any information will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Country House

    It frees you from limits of package holidays.It makes you feel free you can go anywhere you want and can plan according to your wish.

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