Top 5 Gifts This Festive Season

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We are all little children inside, come Christmas morning! We are fooling ourselves by thinking that having that “must have” gift under the tree on Christmas morning isn’t what Christmas is all about. Of course that’s what Christmas is about!  Christmas is about the only time of year you are guaranteed won’t be forgotten. You don’t have months of nationwide hype in the months leading up to your birthday, do you? No! So it can and quite often is somewhat forgotten, so when you are onto a sure thing like a gift at Christmas, it had better be a good one!

Top 5 Gifts This Christmas

(based on a survey of 12 ratio of men to women 1:11)
  • IPhone
  • Lingerie (for the ladies)
  • Jewellery or a huge diamond to be exact and commitment to boot (trips to New York and a visit to Tiffany’s seems to be almost customary these days)
  • Perfume (the more expensive the better – limited additions get extra brownie points)
  • A romantic weekend away (romantic being the word chosen by the ladies in our office who do not have kids – so to rephrase that in my own words “an uninterrupted nights sleep”.
So there you have it, the number one present this year is a “romantic” weekend away. And the consensus is that it doesn’t have to be Paris or Rome, particularly when we have such areas of outstanding beauty on our door step – the mountains and lakes of County Kerry, the spectacular Cliff’s of Moher in County Clare (cue that Tiffany’s diamond!), the cosmopolitan cities of Cork, Galway or Dublin and the beaches of County Wexford.

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  1. I agree, you don’t have to shell out the euros and fly off to europe to find somewhere special. It’s right on your doorstep.

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