A Day Out With The Kids In Kerry

Chatting with the lambs (Photo credit: dreamireland)


It was a fine sunny morning last Thursday and it really felt like Spring was in the air so I bundled my two toddlers into the car and headed for Kennedy’s Pet Farm in Killarney as a treat.  As soon as we arrived there were squeals of delight from the back seat as they spotted new baby lambs in the field right beside where we parked the car.  We were warmly welcomed on arrival by a friendly girl who told us there was no time restriction and that we were free to wander around and enjoy ourselves.  The only things we were told “we don’t touch” were the baby chickens.

So off we headed on our adventure and we were spoilt for choice.  The first pets we came across were some adorable little puppies so they were a big hit.  Almost immediately the two friendly baby deer took a fancy to our buggy and changing bag and decided to trot around alongside us for the whole time we were there – much to the delight of my pair!  There were hens, pigeons, partridges and all sorts of birds and the duck pond was home not only to a lovely selection of ducks but also to the biggest turkey I have ever seen!!

There were lots of baby lambs leaping around us along with some baby goats and the two cutest little calves (one of whom proceeded to chomp on the end of my youngest’s scarf again to squeals of laughter!)


My eldest was thrilled with the old de-commissioned bus that he could clamber up into and “drive” using the massive old steering wheel.  There is also an outdoor playground with slides and swings and towers to climb that kept us busy for a good while and the animals come and go and play around you.

We spent a lovely few hours enjoying the fresh air and very tame animals.  I would highly recommend this for a lovely day out when staying in Killarney or Kenmare.


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